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Building Trust in Organics (revised 2007) - Download

This second edition has been produced by Gunnar Rundgren with Ong Kung Wai compiling case studies and commenting on the whole work. Further comments and suggestions have been received from Diane Bowen and Eva Mattsson.

The previous edition was edited and written to a large extent by Gunnar Rundgren with contributions from Bo van Elzakker, Jim Riddle, Ong Kung Wai, and Roberto Ugas. It also contains material (in the section in documentation and in part 6) from the Guide to Compiling Documentation for Organic certification bodies, published by IFOAM 2002 and compiled by Ken Commins with input from Krista Kennedy, Vitoon Panyakuul, Jorge Casale, Jochen Neuendorrf, Rochelle Bosche, Robert Simmons, and Virginia Zenteno.

Case studies have been written by Piyaphan Phinthuphan, Diana Callear , Laura Montenegro, Beate Huber, Marlene Heeb, Gergana Nentcheva, Yousef Ali Hamdi, Gunnar Rundgren, Xiao Xingji, Leonard Mtama and Miles McEvoy

In addition, it contains sample documents developed by Grolink AB.