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Developing Local Marketing Initiatives for Organic Products in Asia - Download

A Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The IFOAM trade conference, held November 5 – 8, 2003, was an opportunity for local market initiatives to update themselves on developments affecting the organic sector worldwide. It was also an opportunity for local market initiatives to present their achievements, discuss their problems and learn from each other. Lessons that have been learned in the conference panels, in a special one-day workshop on November 9, and from the experiences of ten Asian local marketing initiatives (case studies) are summarized as a guide for SME organic marketing initiatives in developing countries.

Participants in the workshop on November 9, 2003, came from the following countries: Thailand, Palestine, India, Nepal, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. Most of the participants had prepared a case study to serve as basis for discussion during the workshop as well as for this guide. For full details of the participants, please refer to Appendix 1.

This guide is thus based on the experience of a number of local organic marketing initiatives (in the document mostly referred to as the "initiatives") and the result of the discussion on November 9, 2003. Some existing literature was also used to complete the information from the case studies. The guide was compiled by Koen den Braber from Hanoi Organics, Vietnam. Ong Kung Wai from Humus, Malaysia and Vitoon Panyakul from Green Net, Thailand reviewed the draft and assisted in the final editing of the document.

The November 9, 2003 workshop and the preparation of this guide was supported by IFOAM through its program IFOAM – Growing Organic (I-GO) whose aim is to strengthen the organic agriculture movements in Developing Countries. Main donors of the I-GO program are HIVOS (the Netherlands) and the Biodiversity Fund of the Dutch Government.