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GMO-Free Regions Manual: Case Studies from Around the World - Download (EN)

There is no doubt about the incompatibility of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with organic agriculture.

In the Mar del Plata conference declaration (1998), the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) articulated a public position regarding GMOs. Consequently, the prohibition of the use of GMOs has been expanded upon in many IFOAM documents, such as the IFOAM Basic Standards.

Recently, the foundational elements of organic agriculture were laid down in the Principles of Organic Agriculture, approved by the 2005 General Assembly in Adelaide, Australia. The principles show that on all levels - Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care - GMOs are incompatible with organic agriculture.

IFOAM is well aware of mostly local and regional but as well national and international activities underway in the anti-GMO movement to set up GMO-free regions. This manual builds on existing expertise by making such experiences publicly available. The manual also provides comprehensive reports from different legal settings, as well as samples of letters and links to useful websites.