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Guide to Develop Certification Documents - Download

This guide has been written primarily to assist the establishment of organic certification bodies in regions of the world where organic certification is absent or at an early stage of development. Its focus is to guide a new certification body as it deals with issues related to the establishment of a Quality Management System and documentation. It should be seen as complementary to the IFOAM publication, Building Trust in Organics, published in 1998, which dealt with issues that certification bodies face when setting up an organic certification program.

The original concept for this project was simply to compile a dossier of Sample Documents which would serve as templates to be used in new certification programs. However, it was decided not to do this because there are so many variables when setting up a unique Quality Management System documentation. Templates encourage a misguided ‘off the shelf’ mentality which is unlikely to lead to an effective implementation of a Quality Management System. There are many ways to develop policies, procedures and Work Instructions. These may differ not only in content, but also in the format and the language used. Documents should be the thoughts of the people involved in an organization, that have been discussed, agreed and committed to paper. These choices make up the definition and identity of an organization. Nevertheless, some sample documents have been included in the last section of this publication as an indication of how such documents may look. These should be seen as examples only and not as templates.


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