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IFOAM Training Manual for Seed Saving - Download (EN)

Many organizations in tropical countries, probably most of them NGOs, are engaged in training activities on various topics related to organic agriculture. IFOAM has been involved in the facilitation of training activities by making suitable material and approaches available. One of the important areas of organic agriculture is the production and saving of seeds. Seeds are very basic to agriculture and it is very important for the farmer to have access to his/her own seeds.

This training manual for organic seed saving was developed to help farmers in the tropics to save and multiply their seeds. A large part of information found in this manual is based on the experience of several seed savers in the field. Besides this existing material was also collected, screened and simplified for the manual. The Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS, India), was given the task of putting together this manual. This manual contains information on the various aspects of community seed banking. It provides detailed information on the various steps involved in seed saving and multiplication. It also gives information on multiplication techniques for specific crops. Examples of community seed saving are also provided.

The training manual was commissioned by IFOAM and funded through its program IFOAM-GROWING ORGANIC II (I-GO II). The development of this manual is the start of a continuing process. The training manual shall be a living document, modified and further developed by those who use it. All copyrights are retained by IFOAM.