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The Japanese Market Study - Print Copy

The main objective of this study is to support the efforts put forth by small-scale producers in Central America (CA) to penetrate the Japanese market for products that are produced in socially and/or environmentally responsible manners. This report therefore analyzes the current trends and future prospects of the Japanese market for such types of products and processed foods, especially from the perspective of Central American exporters seeking to access this market. 

Findings reported in this document are based primarily on a market study that was carried out in Japan in the spring of 2004. Special consideration was given to the Central American countries’ exports of certified products to Japan, supply capacities, as well as to challenges and concerns specifically related to trading with Japan. The Japanese general market, and particularly that market for products grown by means of socially and/or environmentally responsible practices, is analysed through the compilation of various sources, including existing literature, statistical data and survey results of consumer preferences and distributor trends. Future prospects are constructed based on current trends, as well as insights provided by key informants, including IFOAM Japan, in the respective areas of these markets.

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