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Japanese Organic Market 2010-2011

The growth of organic agriculture and the demand for organic products in Japan are still moderate. Nevertheless, the Japanese market has a big potential, especially if natural non-food products are included. The current total volume of domestic and imported organic products represents a value of over 150 billion Yen (approx. 1.3 billion US$). This is an impressive figure, even though it is only about 1% of the total market for conventional food and beverages.

Until now the demand and market for organic products in Japan has been increasing at a slower pace than in Western and some Asian countries. A major obstacle are the comparatively high prices, and this will only change if and when major food companies and retailers go organic and offer a larger variety of organic products. There are already some indications that this will happen in the not too distant future. A major reason and motivation for both producers and consumers is the growing concern about safe food and reliable sources for raw materials.

Japan imports about 50% of conventional food and raw materials and will always depend on a large share of imported food. With a growing interest and demand for natural and organic products, more processed food and non-food products as well as raw materials will be imported. This provides an excellent opportunity for foreign companies.

Before approaching and entering the challenging and in many respects difficult Japanese market interested companies need information, fact and figures about the organic market in Japan. Unfortunately, such information is difficult to find and often only available in Japanese.

ln order to meet the growing interest and demand and to fill the current gap, we (ABC) in cooperation with IFOAM Japan and other experts have prepared a comprehensive report in English about the Japanese Organic Market.

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