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Organic Agriculture and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa - Print Copy

HIV/AIDS is devastating communities around the world and no more so than in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It impacts equally in urban and rural areas, rich and poor. The rural poor – the nations’ food providers – are ill-equipped to draw together resources for mitigating these impacts. The extra expenses of medicines, and funerals, means that rural farming families are forced to sell their capital assets, such as livestock, and land. The new farming workforce shifts to increasingly comprise children and the elderly and traditional knowledge is lost. This study aims to deepen understanding and bring fresh perspectives and clarity on the role of Organic Agriculture and its relation to nutrition and food security, in preventing and mitigating the impacts of people living with HIV and AIDS in SSA. It intends to inform and provide recommendations to governments, international organizations and donors, on the contribution of organic food and nutrition in preventing and tackling the impacts of HIV/AIDS in SSA.

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