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Participatory Guarantee Systems - CD

There are dozens of Participatory Guarantee Systems serving farmers and consumers around the world. Although details of methodology and process vary, the consistency of core principles across countries and continents is remarkable. The elements and characteristics outlined here demonstrate our shared vision but are not meant to concretely direct existing or future PGS programs towards conformity or “normalization.” The very life-blood of these programs lies in the fact that they are created by the very farmers and consumers that they serve. As such, they are adopted and specific to the individual communities, geographies, politics and markets of their origin. This document of Key Elements and Key Characteristics is then respectfully presented only to highlight those elements that do remain consistent across PGS systems –the Shared Vision and Shared Ideals that have brought them together.

PGS Philosophy grows from Organic Philosophy

Participatory Guarantee Systems subscribe to the same ideals that guided yesterday’s pioneering organic farmers. PGS programs require a fundamentally ecological approach to agriculture that uses no synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMO’s, and further sustains farmers and workers in a cradle of long-term economic sustainability and social justice. The primarily local and direct market focus of PGS programs encourages community building, environmental protection and support to local economies in general.

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