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Proceedings of the 15th IFOAM Organic World Congress, Adelaide, Australia - CD

IFOAM, 2005

The international organic community converged on Adelaide, Australia for the 15th IFOAM Organic World Congress “Shaping Sustainable Systems,” with more than 1000 delegates from 72 countries from September 20-23, resulting in a Congress Declaration calling on governments to increase investment in organic agriculture.

The Congress Declaration of The 15th Organic World Congress of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) calls upon governments worldwide to actively endorse and practically support organic agriculture. It also calls on individual governments to allocate budgetary funds for investment into organic agriculture, proportionate to the organic sector’s production in their countries, and to internalize social and environmental costs in the prices of agricultural products and remunerate organic farmers for ecosystem services they provide.

The 8th International IFOAM Organic Viticulture and Wine Conference also brought together the world’s experts on organic wine from all over the planet to facilitate the further development of markets and products, and discussed challenges and opportunities for moving forward and conquering mainstream markets.

The International Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture delved into the latest research and technical advances in organic agriculture. Organized by ISOFAR, the newly established global scientific research authority for organic agriculture, the conference has helped to take global cooperation in research, methodological development, education and knowledge exchange another step forward.

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