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Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values - Print Copy

IFOAM , 2007

The marketing of organic products is viewed as a significant link between production and consumers. Today, organic products are becoming increasingly interchangeable, disconnecting the linkage between producer and consumer and diluting their identity. Stakeholders can obviously organize organic production, but in light of continuous growth and the entrance of organic in mainstream markets, it is important to develop new and specific marketing strategies that protect organic product identity, traditional knowledge, and biodiversity, and thus organic farmers and rural communities.

This conference focused on a discussion of specific marketing strategies aimed to give value to products by taking into consideration their uniqueness. It dealt with the question of how to create and identify regional and other specific values, and ultimately how to translate these values into successful marketing strategies for organic products. Communicating these values to the consumer is part of that strategy. The conference considered various concepts and marketing strategies, including regulatory approaches, to protect regional values and traditional knowledge.

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