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The Vision of Natural Farming - Print Copy

 "It is only by mixed organic farming in harmony with Nature that India can sustainably provide abundant wholesome food, and meet every basic need of all - to live in health, dignity and peace" - Bhaskar Save 

The acclaimed 'Gandhi of Natural Farming' speaks with conviction and wisdom grown from seven decades of personal experience. His farm is a veritable food forest; and a net supplier of water, energy and fertility to the eco-system, rather than a net consumer. The legendary natural farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka hailed it "the best in the world!" 
This book relates Save's way of farming and teaching rooted in his deep understanding of the symbiotic relationships in Nature. Much of the explanation is in Save's own lucid and down-to-earth idiom. 
IFOAM decided to honour Save with the 'One World Award for Lifetime Achievement' (Read more here: http://www.one-world-award.de/bhaskar-save.html). Its jury declared, "He is one of the most outstanding personalities in the organic world".


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