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The World of Organic Agriculture 2007 - Download (CN)

2007, IFOAM

Organic Farming Worldwide 2007: Overview & Main Statistics
全球有机农业 2007:纵观和主要统计数据

The 2007 edition of this annual publication documents developments in global organic agriculture. It includes contributions from representatives of the organic sector from throughout the world and provides comprehensive organic farming statistics that cover surface area under organic management, numbers of farms and specific information about commodities and land use in organic systems. The book also contains information on the global market of the burgeoning organic sector, the latest developments in organic certification, standards and regulations and insights into current status and emerging trends for organic agriculture by continent from the world’s foremost experts. 这本新版的年度出版物报道了全球有机农业的近期发展情况。分布在世界各地的有机界的代表为本书的成功编写作出了贡献,他们提供了有机农业方面的综合统计数据,涉及的范围包括处于有机管理下的土地面积,从事有机农业的农场数,以及有机体系下的产品信息和土地利用情况。本书还介绍了尚处于成长阶段的全球有机市场的信息以及有机认证、标准和法规方面的最新进展。书中汇集了由世界上最前沿的专家所撰写的对世界各大洲有机农业发展现状的分析和前景展望。